Thankyou to all the writers who submitted their work to us for consideration for the upcoming issue. It is, as ever, much appreciated that you submit your stories and writing to us.

We’ll spend the next few discussing and deciding and we’ll announce the Final Shortlist in due course. Keep an eye on the Journal for further details and also for the next submission window and themes.


Dan / Jen / Richard

  • A Million Ways is always a themed issue, in line with AMW.1 & 2, and all themed submissions should be centred around LOST/FOUND, for AMW.3. How you interpret those words is up to you as a writer… The theme will change for AMW.4…


Categories / Length

  • FICTION / up to 2500 words.
  • NON-FICTION or MEMOIR / up to 2500 words
  • FLASH FICTION / the shorter, the better.
  • POETIC FLASH We do not accept Poetry, but we do accept what we term poetic flash / up to 300 words
  • EXCERPT / From a longer, finished piece of writing / up to 1000 words / please include links to the complete work.

If your story is stronger with a few more lines, a few more details, that is fine. We don’t reject writing based upon established ‘rules’, we just want the best stories. We are more concerned with quality, not quantity.

We also accept OPEN SUBMISSIONS, outside of theme or submission period, at any time but only send us finished work that you are especially proud of or pleased with. Good writing deserves to be read, regardless of guidelines…

THEMED COMPETITION: You can submit a piece of fiction or non-fiction, of any length as specified above, but it must be inspired by one of the photos below. These pictures may be used in the final publication.

For AMW.4, the photoprompts will appear only in the pages of AMW.3…


Genre / Style

We consider any kind of genre and style for publication as long as it isn’t too specialised and will only appeal to a handful of people. Similarly, we aren’t averse to many subject matters, but anything intentionally offensive or distasteful is unlikely to be accepted. To get a clearer understanding of the writing we tend to publish, head to our GALLERY page…links at the bottom of the page.

We prefer writing that pushes it a little, that has a bit of grit, that is memorable. Our strapline isn’t Stories With Substance for nothing…


The theme for AMW.3 is LOST/FOUND. Each issue has a theme, and how you interpret the theme is up to you as a writer. It is a guide to give the issue an identity.

Multiple Submissions

You can submit to as many categories as you wish, and submit as many pieces as you wish. However, we are looking for quality, not quantity, and excessive submissions will be met with a raised eyebrow.

Similarly, if you have previously submitted a piece that we have not accepted, do not re-submit it. If we like it, but it is not selected for the submitted issue, we will hold it for another, perhaps more relevant, theme. We will let you know if we plan to do this, and we do, and we have.

Previously Published Work

On occasion, we do reprint writing that has previously been published elsewhere but please include details of this when submitting.


AMW is a small, independently run and privately funded magazine. All profits go towards producing the following issue, so unfortunately we cannot offer payment to our writers at this stage – though we do hope to do so as the publication grows. Each of our writers receive a complimentary printed copy of the issue they feature in.

Formatting your Submissions

As long as it’s legible and in a standard file format (e.g. .doc, .docx, .rtf) then the format isn’t too important. When naming your file, please use the title of your piece.

When submitting via email, please use the following format:

AMW.3 / Writers Name / Name of Story / Category

Response Times

We aim to make a decision, and inform you of this, as soon as possible but this can fluctuate depending on how close we are to publication. If you do not receive a response by the end of the submission period, feel free to contact us.

We always produce a longlist of pieces, from which we choose the final selections. If you work makes the longlist, but not the shortlist, we may hold it for another issue.


You may submit more than one piece of work per category but please remember that we appreciate quality, not quantity.

If you would like feedback on any of your stories, please email us with that request separately from your submissions on AMW.MAGAZINE@OUTLOOK.COM

We do not charge submission fees at present, nor are we able to pay writers. If you wish to discuss ways that we can help you earn money from your writing, contact us directly.