Introducing the Hijab Styling 101 Course of Your Dreams by Hakeemah Cummings Here's everything you need to know about this one-of-a-kind course!

Calling all new, old, or aspiring hijabis! We are so excited to share an amazing course with you all that is going to be a game changer for Muslimahs everywhere! Hakeemah Cummings, modestwear stylist and founder of CMB Styling is bringing you the first-ever course of its kind: Hijab Styling 101.

If you are interested in wearing the hijab, struggling with the idea, or are currently wearing it, and are experiencing some challenges or doubts, then this is the course for you! Hijab Styling 101 is uniting and guiding Muslimahs in their hijab journeys so that they don’t feel as alone, confused, or frustrated. In addition to becoming part of a supportive community of women, you also gain exclusive access to Hakeemah’s tried-and-true hijab styling tips and tricks!

We asked Hakeemah all about what this course has to offer, so read on to learn more details and to sign up while you still can! There are only 5 spots left, so be sure to register before the deadline on January 14 at 11:59pm, and use code AMWMAG for $10 off!

1. What is the Hijab Styling 101 Course?

Hijab Styling 101 is a 4-week journey through the contemporary world of hijab and hijab styling. The classes will take place live via Zoom and Facebook live in our private group. Not only is the class about hijab styling, but also about the foundations of hijab in our religion and really building this beautiful act of ibaadah from within. 

This class may be a step toward hijab for some women, a means of commitment to being a hijabi for others, or a return back to hijab for those who may have removed it. Everyone needs support, and everyone needs that support to be non judgmental.  

 2. What inspired you to start this course?

I started this course for the sake of sisterhood and providing a safe space for women to explore hijab together. Hijab is such a beautiful act of worship, and too often, women are scrutinized, bullied, marginalized, or otherwise disrespected based on whether they wear hijab or not, or the way in which they wear hijab.

There is not enough safety in hijab conversations, and there’s not enough truth.  There is a way to be balanced about how we treat hijab and the women who wear it. A lot of times women are confused about hijab, and it becomes intimidating to figure it all out on your own. This course solves that problem. 

3. What are some of the main struggles women face when wearing hijab or considering wearing hijab?

I believe that women face societal pressures in so many ways. There are political pressures wherein women in certain countries, such as France, face extreme opposition to wearing hijab at the hands of their government. Widespread Islamophobia is a definite barrier to some women choosing to openly identify as Muslims because so many people have a been fed a false narrative of what Islam is, and who Muslims are.

Here in America, we face Islamophobia, whether it be through interpersonal interactions, media propaganda, and political climate. It may be easier for some women to just not wear hijab all to deflect these societal pressures. For some women, they would love to wear hijab, but their family structure is not conducive nor supportive of their decision.

So they yearn for the strength to wear it; they are convinced of it, but their families would ostracize them if they became hijabis. For some, it may be as simple as: hijab doesn’t look good on me. Any barrier is one worth exploring and dismantling, then perhaps rebuilding from the ground up with faith and fortitude. 


4. Who is this course intended for?

The ideal student for this course is a woman of any age who would like to explore hijab and the contemporary world of hijab styling. She may already wear hijab, but is overwhelmed by the newest brands, products, and styles, and needs guidance to find what works for her. She may also be a woman who recently became Muslim and hasn’t taken that step towards wearing hijab because she doesn’t have the help, guidance, and community that she needs.

Another ideal student is a young Muslimah who is deciding whether to wear hijab full-time, or an older Muslimah, who is not tapped into the latest styles and accessories and wants a refresh the way she’s worn hijab for years. Another type of student could be a returning hijabi, someone who used to wear it, but stopped some time ago. She wants to return back to hijab and wants to do so with guidance and preparation, while having fun. This class is not meant to be intimidating; it’s meant to be accommodating.  

 5. What will the course consist of/ what will the women be learning?

The class will be super engaging, filled with fun, lively discussions and will integrate tons of resources. We’ll touch on everything from the religious basis of hijab, to various fabrics, accessories, and undercaps, all in hopes that each student exits the course with a greater understanding, love, and appreciation for hijab.

We’ll talk about face shapes, color palettes, hijab styles, pins, haircare–all of that! Hijab is not just the fabric on your head, it’s the experience and the coverage from head-to-toe. It’s being comfortable in how you dress. The class will touch on all of that! 

6. How will the course be taken (i.e. is it via Zoom with the rest of the enrollees, is it more independent via slides, or is it one-on-one?)

The class will be live at 8pm EST on Sundays and Wednesdays starting January 23, 2022 for four consecutive weeks. Between live classes, we will have daily topics of discussion via our Facebook group. If students miss a class, the classes will be recorded.

Students will also be encouraged to show their videos and unmute so that we can all share when the time is right. Hijab styling with your video off is not as fun as with your video on! We will uplift and encourage each other as we explore which hijabs and styles look good on each individual woman.

 7. What are some of the benefits of taking this course/ why should women take this course?

 This course is a gateway to having a beautiful relationship with your hijab, one that is not about fighting the fabric, battling against the style, or building a general resentment for the act of hijab-wearing. Allah’s religion is not meant to be hard, it’s meant to be easy.

This class will nurture your relationship with your hijab so that it never feels like a burden, and instead feels like an opportunity, a pleasure, and an honor. I believe the course can be a part of normalizing hijab as something accommodating and beautiful, as it really is.

8. What is the CMB StyleBox, and what is included in it?

The CMB StyleBox is the highlight of the course! Nowhere else can you find a box as carefully and beautifully curated as this one, and it’s included for each student to keep and enjoy! It has about a $200 retail value and is chock full of hijabs and accessories which will be used as learning tools for each student. 

9. How can women sign up for this course?

 It’s super easy! The cost is $200 (use code AMWMAG for $10 off!). Sign up here via my website.

10. What additional information would you like to share about this course?

This is my first course and I am putting my heart and soul into it! I want it to be a small class size of only 20 students so that I can get to know each one of these ladies individually. I only have 5 spots left as of the publication of this article, so if you’re interested, or know someone who would be, please sign up soon!

The last day to register for the course is January, 14, 2022 at 11:59 pm EST, which is also the last day to use your $10 off coupon code: AMWMAG! More items are being added to the CMB StyleBox in this final week as well, plus some fun giveaways! The course also makes a great gift!

Hurry, sign up for the Hijab Styling 101 course, here! Be sure to use code AMWMAG for $10 off!

Where are you at in your hijab journey, and what are some of your struggles or pieces of advice? Let us know in the comments below!




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