Are you passionate about skincare or coffee? If you’re looking for a new coffee brand to try, or natural, clean products to add to your skincare routine, then look no further! We’re sharing two amazing brands with you that have just what you need: Yafa Queen Natural Products and The Coffee Queens. These two small businesses, founded by Amal Alsamhouri, offer luxurious handmade products, from organic specialty coffee to lotions, serums, body scrubs, and so much more that are all made from pure, fresh ingredients.

Before we share more details about these brands and the awesome products they offer, we would like to introduce you to their inspirational founder, Amal Alsamhouri!

Be sure to read until the end, where we share our exclusive discount code that you can use to shop her products!

Meet the Founder: Amal Alsamhouri

Amal Alsamhouri is a Palestinian American mother of three from California. She is also a nurse and recently got her license as a Phlebotomist and lab technician. Amal also has a certificate in skincare formulation, Mashallah! She started Yafa Queen Natural Products, which is a natural skincare and beauty brand, on her own after making homemade soaps for herself for everyday use. What began as a hobby quickly transformed into an incredibly successful brand that is now sold and loved around the world.

Amal is self-taught and creates all of her own recipes and luxurious formulas made using only organic, eco-friendly ingredients for the face, hair, and body.

She has now started a new brand called The Coffee Queens, which offers high-quality, organic Turkish-style coffee blends! Amal has a passion for creating homemade products and for helping others, and she does so through both of her brands. She takes pride in the real impact her products have had on others and the special connections she has been able to make as a result.

Read on below to learn more about both of her self-made businesses, their amazing products, and her journey creating them!

Yafa Queen Natural Products

Yafa Queen Natural Products is a beauty and skincare brand that offers a diverse range of ogranic hair, beauty, wellness, and skincare products that are all homemade using high-quality, natural, and rare ingredients sourced from the oils and extracts of unique herbs. Amal originally started Yafa Queen Natural Products as a fun pastime after she had her two children and was pregnant with her third. It was therapeutic for her to make her own soaps as it helped her destress and unwind from the day.

It grew from only offering one or two kinds of soaps, to now providing a wide range of handcrafted products for a variety of uses and benefits that she formulates herself from scratch. Her unique recipes are what set her products apart and make them so special and loved by everyone who tries them. To accommodate for the growing demand, she moved her lab from the small space in her house to her garage.

Amal takes a lot of care in creating high-quality products made from organic, safe ingredients that not only smell and feel great on the skin, but that offer rich nutrients to the face, hair, and body. She does not use any mineral oils, chemical solvents, parabens, or artificial preservatives. Instead, she uses castor oil, almond oil, coconut oil, essential oils, and unrefined shea and cocoa butter, among other rare ingredients that come from places like the Middle East and Ancient Egypt, for example that are loaded with healthy benefits.

With her experience as a skincare formulator and her education in nursing, Amal not only creates clean products that can help improve a variety of skin issues like eczema, psoriasis, alopecia, etc., but she also shares her honest, unbiased advice on which products will best suit your needs. 

Here are some of the amazing products she creates for Yafa Queen Natural Products: 

Vegan Soaps

Yafa Queen has quite the assortment of handmade soaps that will make the perfect self-care treat for you or someone you know. There are a wide variety of scents and they come in fun shapes, which are also great for kids or to be used as party favors for events. 

Coffee, Spices, and Oats Soap

Can you tell Amal loves coffee? Her coffee soap was one of the first soaps she ever made.  Coffee, Spices, and Oats Soap is a body soap made with coffee, cinnamon, cloves, and oats. It offers a calming scent and removes dirt and dead skin. Additional benefits of this soap are that it increases blood flow and reduces the appearance of cellulite, which makes the skin tighter and firmer. Coffee is great for the skin as it is packed with antioxidants, and therefore is great for reducing inflammation that is caused by skin issues like eczema, acne and psoriasis. Using this soap during a morning shower is also a great way to start your day and “wake up” your skin. 

Rose & Activated Charcoal Soap

Another great option for soaps is the Rose & Activated Charcoal Soap. This soap has a delicious scent and is adorably shaped as a heart. It can be used for both the face and the body. The ingredients used to make it are: charcoal rose clay, shea butter, vanilla and rose oil. All of these ingredients will have you smelling great while also treating your skin at the same time. Charcoal has numerous benefits including treating oily skin and acne, reducing pore sizes, tightening the skin, and making the skin more flawless overall. What’s great about it is that it suits every skin type and the shea butter will truly soften and smoothen your skin. 


Yafa Queen also has a range of perfumes. These perfumes are available to both men and women. There are three scents available for men and two scents for women. The perfumes come in both 30 or 60ML sizes as well. You can also buy four large or four small perfume bottles together in a bundle. 

One tempting scent is Yafa Queen for Her. This perfume is made with exotic citrus fruits and has fresh floral notes. It is perfect for a night out. Another scent is HOPE for her. Similar to Chanel’s collections, this perfume embodies Turkish rose, vanilla, and a touch of geranium. It is bound to become your signature scent. 

Ladies, if you’re looking for a gift for your husband, try Yafa Queen for Him. This scent is made with apple, lemon, grapefruit, herbs, vanilla, and leather. It is comparable to Versace, and is wearable for all different types of occasions.

Herbal Blends

Herbal blends have risen in popularity over the past decade and Yafa Queen has the perfect selection for you! Currently, there are three that you can choose from, and each specializes in different things. One herbal blend is the Natural Herbal Drink. This drink helps burn fat and works best if you take it while working out.

Other great options are the Custom Herbal Blends that can be used for a variety of skin ailments. You can select what condition you have, whether it’s alopecia, psoriasis, fungus, hemorrhoids, or scars, and you will get the appropriate blend. Some reviewers have stated that the herbal blends work like magic and have helped clear up their alopecia and psoriasis.

Yafa Queen also has a great collection for babies and kids, which makes for an awesome gift for mothers as well! This bundle comes with the Baby Butt Butter, Baby Powder, and Baby Face and Body Lotion.

The Baby Butt Butter is gently infused with natural botanicals that reduce inflammation, clear diaper rash, and soothe baby’s sensitive skin. This 100% all-natural baby butter is hand-blended and formulated with natural plant-based ingredients and vitamins, including cocoa butter and zinc flowers, which locks out moisture and allows the skin underneath to heal. 

The natural Baby Powder is 100% talc free, unscented and naturally absorbent. This powder keeps the baby’s skin feeling soft, smooth, and dry while providing a comforting and calming relief of diaper rashes as it absorbs dampness after bath time.

The Baby Face and Body Lotion is made with natural oils including sunflower oil, and is also rich in vitamin E, which helps moisturize and nourish baby’s skin to prevent discomfort, itching, rashes, and irritation. It will also leave baby smelling wonderful, too! It is gentle enough to use everyday, and is great to use for a baby massage.

All of these products are natural, paraben-free, fragrance-free, and chemical-free and are made without any colorants or dyes, making them clean and safe to use on babies and children.

Amal’s Favorite Pick: The Nighttime Serum Stick

The nighttime serum stick is a facial lotion bar that suits every skin type. Amal has said that this product has improved her skin. She highly recommends it because the oils she used to make it are very rare. It consists of 100% natural ingredients and should be used after cleansing and toning your face. Some of the ingredients are: rosehip seed oil, Vitamin E oil, lavender extract, cucumber oil, turmeric oil, shea butter, and cocoa butter.

Other Products

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Yafa Queen Natural Products offers a range of other natural products for hair, handcare, footcare, and eyecare as well like hair masks and oils, shampoos, conditioners, facial toners, masks, serums, and scrubs, body balms, deodorant, and so much more! Visit her website to browse her large selection of natural beauty and skincare products that will make you feel like your best self from head to toe!

The Coffee Queens

Coffee is something that bonds people and brings them together. That is the main focus of Amal’s new coffee brand, The Coffee Queens! Coffee has helped her stay energized throughout her journey as a student, worker, and mother. It reminds her of family and some of her main products are even dedicated to her mother and father. She has a specific, special technique she uses to make her Turkish coffee taste just right, and this inspired her to start this brand to cater to other avid coffee drinkers like her. 

The Coffee Queens is a brand for coffee lovers made by a coffee lover. If you enjoy a sophisticated and rich taste, then you won’t be able to get enough of this coffee! All of the blends are sustainably-sourced, Fair Trade Certified Organic, are imported from Guatemala and Ethiopia, and are made from 100% Arabica beans.

Amal underwent extensive research and countless samples to find the best ingredients. From the special coffee beans she uses, to the level of acidity, and the way they are perfectly roasted, Amal skillfully creates smooth, fresh, and flavorful coffee that true coffee drinkers can enjoy and appreciate. She does each and every step on her own from sourcing the coffee to preparing it in its luxurious packaging, to ensure that it achieves the desired results, quality, and taste.

There are currently three blends you can choose from: Queen’s Blend, Yaba Blend, and Yamma Blend. These can either be bought separately, or in a bundle of three! Amal’s favorite is the Yaba Blend with a Turkish Grind.

Learn more about her specialty blends below:

Queen’s Blend 

The Queen’s Blend is a medium roast that tastes like chocolate. This blend contains notes of brown sugar, sparkling acidity, dark cocoa, and stone fruit. 

Yaba Blend

This blend, named after her father, is a medium dark roast that has intense notes of cardamom. Other notes in this blend are dark cocoa undertones, sweet berry flavor, mild acidity, and jasmine. 

Yamma Blend

The Yamma Blend, named after her mother, is also a medium dark roast that has hints of cardamom. There are also rich aromatics and a hint of French roast. 

In any of these blends, you have the option to select the grind you would like such as Turkish, Coarse, Regular, Electric Percolator, Drip, Fine, Espresso, and Whole Beans.

Shop her sophisticated coffee blends, here.

Support These Women-Owned Organic Brands!

These brands have a variety of products for you to choose from that could become your new go-tos! All of the products, both coffee and self-care, use only the best ingredients that are either sustainably-sourced or locally made.

Amal has been able to grow Yafa Queens Natural Products into the successful business that it is all on her own. She is continuing to advance her brand by the day, and is sure to do the same with her new brand, The Coffee Queens. Her motivation, strong ambition, and determination led her to turn her dream of starting her own coffee brand into a reality despite how challenging it may be to manage it all herself.

If you are interested in supporting Amal and her self-grown businesses, and staying up to date on all the latest that her brands have to offer, follow her on her Instagram, @yafaqueennaturalproducts and @thecoffeequeens_2022 and visit her websites, Yafa Queen and The Coffee Queens to shop her one-of-a-kind products!

In light of Ramadan and Eid, be sure to use our exclusive discount code AMW10 to save 10% off when shopping either brand, whether it’s as a gift to yourself or others!

Have you tried any of the products from these brands? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

*This article is sponsored by Yafa Queen Natural Products and The Coffee Queens.

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