Have you been following along with the horrible news about what’s going on in Palestine and are looking for ways to help? Or are you on the search for some Palestinian-wear you can rep at a protest coming up? Either way, we’ve got you covered! We’ve rounded up 24 Palestinian-owned brands you can support that are not only actively giving back to the Palestinian community, but are also preserving its heritage and identity through the modern culturally-inspired products they are sharing with the rest of the world!

Check out these awesome ethical Palestinian brands listed below and shop their products to showcase your Pali pride and make a difference in style!

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PaliRoots is not just a brand, it’s a movement. From kufiyas and clothing with Palestinian motifs and symbols to traditional Nablus soaps, stickers, jewelry, and more, PaliRoots offers high-quality products inspired by Palestinian culture, identity, and people.

They also have two charity programs that you can support, the PaliRoots Meal Program and the PaliRoots Funding Projects. In the PaliRoots Meal Program, one nutritious meal is donated to a child in need for every order placed. After the first order, a meal will be donated for every $25 spent.

For their PaliRoots Funding Projects, they collaborate with nonprofits to organize high-impact campaigns for a variety of causes in Palestine, such as their Feed Gaza Campaign,” and their “Save Gaza: Winter Bundles Project” to name just a few. You can shop their products, here.

They are currently completely sold out, but are accepting pre-orders for items that will be shipped between June 30th and July 10th.


KUVRD is a Palestinian-owned Arab street brand that allows you to fashionably express your identity while also giving back to the community. They also have a meal distribution program called Karam by KUVRD in partnership with Human Concern International, where they donate a meal for every $10 spent on each purchase to families in need. For their current initiative, they are distributing meals to the refugee camps in Gaza. Shop their full collection, here. Use our exclusive code amwomenmag for 15% off at checkout!

West Bank Apparel

Founded in 2014, West Bank Apparel is a clothing brand established right in the West Bank. Although their products are mainly inspired by the Palestinian culture and nationality, WBA also has a variety of pieces representative of countries around the world like Afghanistan, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Pakistan, Syria, and Yemen.

They donate a minimum of 15% of their profits towards supporting Palestinian orphans and refugees, as well as other humanitarian causes through programs carried out by Islamic Relief USA as well as PCRF and UNRWA. Visit their website to shop their unique products and to support an important cause at the same time.


PurePali is a Palestinian-owned innovative streetwear brand based in Brooklyn, New York that displays Palestinian identity and solidarity through their modern designs. Typically, a portion of PurePali’s profits are donated to the PCRF to help provide medical treatment to children in Palestine and around the Middle East. However, for this month, they will be donating 100% of their profits to the PCRF. Shop PurePali to help save a life, and enjoy 15% off with the code PURE15, here.

West Bank Hoodie

Based in Los Angeles, California, West Bank Hoodie was founded by Palestinian Americans prideful of their Palestinian homeland and identity. Whether you are a proud Palestinian yourself, or a supporter of their cause, you can find a range of contemporary statement pieces to express yourself in. Shop their products to show your Pali pride, here.


The Palestinian drip is real! PALIDRIP is a fresh and new brand created by a Palestinian family as a way to bring the beauty of Palestine to the states. Their collections feature t-shirts, hats, and other accessories with trendy designs reflective of not only the Palestinian heritage, but others as well. Plus, a meal is donated for every order placed, no matter how big or small the purchase is. Get your swag on in some PALIDRIP apparel, and help feed those in need.


“‘Ali al-kufiya w loleh fiha!” Nothing says Palestinian more than a traditional kufiya as its checkered, quintessential pattern symbolizes Palestine in more than one way. Its resemblance of a fishnet is meant to symbolize the Palestinians’ livelihood. The lines that run through the fishnet represent the numerous trade routes that pass through Palestine. The olive trees symbolize the resilience and strength of the Palestinian people.

Hirbawi Factory is the one and only place in Palestine that produces authentic kufiyas. By purchasing from Hirbawi, you are helping this original homegrown factory expand and share Palestine’s cultural symbol with the rest of the world. Although all of their kufiyas are currently sold out, you can get on the waiting list to be notified when they come back in stock.

Anat International

Made and originated in Gaza, Palestine, Anat International is a slow-fashion, genderless, avant-garde streetwear brand and community. Breaking boundaries and defying cultural norms and stereotypes, they create Palestinian-inspired clothing that is cut, sewn, and hand-embroidered by both women and men. Shop their 2020 collection, here.


Have you been searching for modern-style pieces with tatreez designs to add to your wardrobe that you can actually wear out and about here in the states? If you are, Deerah has just what you need!

Whether it’s a colorful kimono to wear with your favorite jeans in the summer, a chic cape jacket that you can make a statement in, or a traditional thobe to wear for that special occasion coming up, Deerah offers a large variety of timeless tatreez hand-embroidered products. They also practice sustainable and slow fashion in the production of their products as well. Shop Deerah and check out their latest collection, here.

Nol Collective

Nol Collective is an intersectional feminist, political fashion brand that encompasses and reflects Palestinian culture, ethical practices, and social justice. Their products are manufactured by women cooperatives and small family-run businesses across Gaza and the West Bank. Shop their unique pieces and support these local businesses, here.


A Palestinian-inspired arts shop located in Chicago, Illinois, Watan offers a variety of products including art, jewelry, clothing, accessories, home items, and books that reflect Palestine’s cultural and intellectual heritage.

They donate 10% of their profits to charitable organizations and other projects like documentaries, anti-surveillance work, student activism, domestic and international legal advocacy, refugee empowerment, and other political work that supports the long-term, strategic liberation of Palestine. Connect with and celebrate your watan through their products, here.

Meera Adnan

Operating from Gaza City, Palestinian designer Meera Adnan welcomes you to Gaza through her unisex, contemporary, and ready-to-wear high fashion brand. She characterizes her label as being influenced by the religious and political references in the region that form “a romantic and nostalgic visual monologue from the City Under Siege.” Shop her limited capsule collection, here.

Holy Land Boutique

Made by local women artisans in the Holy Land, this boutique shares high-quality handcrafted embroidered pieces with the rest of the world that are filled with the historical stories of the women who make them, and the beauty of this ancient art tradition. Bring a piece of the Holy Land home with their collection of authentic designs, here.


Launched in 2019 by Palestinian designer Angham Khalil, nnbynn is a product of her own struggle and identity. This ready-to-wear label fuses modern, contemporary styles, with the old culture and heritage of traditional Arabic garments. Explore your roots and relieve your nostalgia with nnbynn’s artistic designs that are made “from Palestine, with love,” here.


Striving to change the world one stitch at a time, Ayadi is a sustainable fashion brand that produces handmade art pieces expressive of the strength, creativity, and empowerment of Arabic women. Check out their Etsy shop, here.

Balady Stitch

Balady Stitch’s Etsy shop features handmade tatreez products from Gaza, Palestine. Accessorize your outfits with their unique hand-embroidered collection, here.

Nadine Khalili Jewelry

Located in Ramallah, Palestine, Nadine Khalili creates handmade, unique jewelry pieces that are custom-made from high-quality gold-filled and gold-plated wires. For her website launch, she is currently offering  15% off on all products at checkout. Shop her beautiful collection of accessories, here.


What started as a modest craft shop turned into a fair-trade organization that supports marginalized women and communities in the West Bank, the Gaza Strip, and the Palestinian communities in Jerusalem.

Sunbula works closely with 25 organizations that help artisans develop traditional crafts like silk-screening, leather work, jewelry making, wool felting, Palestinian embroidery, Bedouin and Majdawali weaving, olive wood carvings, olive oil soaps, basketry, and ceramics. Shop their artisan-made goods, here.

el Bustan

El Bustan is a Palestinian lifestyle shop that showcases the rich culture and deeply rooted heritage of Palestine through both modern and handmade products created by traditional artisans, entrepreneurs, women cooperatives, family workshops, artists and designers, and factories in and from Palestine. This brand preserves Palestine’s heritage while improving the livelihood of Palestinians at the same time. Make a difference by shopping el Bustan, here.


Inherited by their ancestors, Fyrouzi offers premium handcrafted ceramic tableware made in Palestine to promote these unique pieces in the UAE and around the world. Decorate your kitchen table with these exquisitely made ceramics, here.

Falastini Brand

From thobes, prayer outfits, and hoodies to jewelry, purses, wall art, and home decor, Falastini Brand shares high-quality designs of Palestinian-influenced products that carry its heritage with a modern twist. Shop their affordable falastini products, here.

Dar Collective

Designed by tradition, Dar Collective is a unisex apparel brand that creates products emblematic of different regions and cultural identities around the world. In its Palestine series, it offers a wide selection of clothing and decorative pieces with different Palestinian designs and motifs. Browse their Palestine series, here.

Handmade Palestine

Bringing you the best of Palestinian handicrafts, Handmade Palestine supports fair trade and showcases products handmade by over 25 talented artisans, cooperatives, and designers from Palestine. For example, one of the cooperatives they work with is Atfaluna Society for Deaf Children, which creates beautiful products to support a deaf school in Gaza.

Furthermore, this altruistic brand uses a portion of its profits to planting trees at Mashjar Juthour, which is a 2.5 acre eco project where native trees are protected, and where people can go to learn more about Palestine’s natural heritage. Support these artisans and their work by checking out their products, here. You can donate to the Mashjar Juthour eco project, here.

Darzah Designs

Darzah is a Fair Trade certified, non-profit, ethical fashion brand that works with women artisans in the West Bank to create 100% authentic, handmade and hand-embroidered Palestinian products. Each and every Darzah purchase goes towards employment programs, artisan salaries, and job training in the West Bank. Make an impact by supporting the economic empowerment of women in the West Bank through their beautifully crafted pieces, here.

What are some of your favorite Palestinian-owned brands? If there are any we didn’t include in the list, please share them with us below!



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