Baby, it’s coooold outside! Whether’s it’s snowing where you are or not, I thought I would share some fun things to do indoors this winter, although not much has changed since COVID has kept us inside for much of the year anyways. That being said, there are some things that hit a little different in the winter, and just like any other season, it has it’s own vibe, charm, and joys to appreciate. I’ve rounded up 21 such joys in this article to help you make the most of those cold days in. Check them out below!

*Note: This article contains affiliate links, and we receive an affiliate commission for any purchases made by you on the affiliate website using such links. However, AM Women Magazine only promotes products we genuinely believe in, presume to be of high-quality and interest, and we make these recommendations based on personal use and experience. 

1. Binge-Watch a New Show

What better way to spend the day in than binge-watching that new series you’ve been dying to start that everyone’s been obsessing over? Check out Emily in Paris on Netflix and finally see what all of the fuss is about!

2. Read the Quran

Been slacking on your Quran reading? Make some time to read and interpret a surah or two today to help get you back on track. For those who need help understanding how to read and interpret the Quran, this is also a great opportunity to learn. There are so many resources out there to help you like, How to Read the Quran by Mona Siddiqui, or How to Read the Qur’an: A New Guide, with Select Translations by Carl W. Ernst. It would also be very helpful to invest in a Quran with English translation and transliteration if you don’t already have one as it will help you learn both how to read and understand the verses. Order yours, here

3. Bake


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Is there a more cozy vibe in the winter than baking some delicious goodies to snack on with a cup of hot chocolate, tea, or some sweet eggnog? Yummm. Try out Jenan Zammar‘s easy recipe for Chocolate Skor Cake Mix Cookies by following along to her video in the second slide above. They look sooo good!

4. Color

Wear your comfiest PJs and fuzziest socks, break out your adult coloring book, and color along to your fave movie, whether it’s a Disney classic like Pocahontas, or a popular romcom like, To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before. You could also listen to a podcast, like Unsweetened + Unfiltered, or some music depending on your mood as well! If you don’t already own an adult coloring book, check out this one here, along with this awesome marker set as well!

5. Read a Book

This is the perfect time to break into that book that’s been sitting unopened on your night stand for God knows how long now. If you need a recommendation for a good book to cozy up to, I’ve heard amazing things about Secrets of Divine Love: A Spiritual Journey into the Heart of Islam by A. Helwa. Order a copy, here.

6. Organize Your Home

Light up some candles and Marie Kondo-up your home by decluttering and organizing the spaces that are in need of some love. Trust me, this is bound to bring you some joy even on the gloomiest and coldest of days!

7. Make a Hot Cup of Cocoa

But not just any hot chocolate…try out the new version that’s trending on social media now–hot cocoa bombs! Check out this recipe to make them at home, here. And don’t forget to top it off with a load of halal marshmallows. You can find them here or at a local Middle Eastern supermarket.

8. Pamper Yourself

Indulge yourself in some much-needed self-care. Mask up your face and hair, take a long, relaxing bubble bath, do your nails, and just pamper yourself! You need and deserve this, girl!

9. Shop Online

Sorry to be that friend, but I can’t help but encourage you to take advantage of these amazing holiday deals and spoil yourself a bit. Some stores currently holding holiday sales online are Forever 21, H&M, Fashion Nova, Missguided, Pretty Little Thing, Nasty Gal, Ulta, and Express to name a few. If you’re looking for some cozy winter PJs, check out this comfy set here, or this loungewear set that is perfect for those laid-back days in. Both sets come in a variety of colors and patterns, too!

10. Have a Game Night

Bring out the board games for a night of competitive fun with the family! You can never go wrong with the classics, like Monopoly, Pictionary, Cluedo, or Scrabble, or some of the newer game night favorites like Cards Against Humanity, What Do You Meme, Speak Out Game, and more!

11. Catch Up on Emails/ Work

This one isn’t a fun activity, but it is something that can help make you feel less stressed out and more productive. Crossing out some of those recurring items on your to-do list will bring you so much relief, and will give you the motivation you need to take on the next task when the work day rolls around again. 

12. Catch Up with Friends

It seems like we’re playing a lot of catch up, right? But think about the last time you talked to your friends or distant family members over the phone. Arrange a time to either FaceTime, Zoom, or for just a plain old phone call to check in on them and catch up on their latest life updates. It’s so important to remember to make time and put in the effort for those we care about.

13. Tune into Some Online Events 

Check out Facebook and Instagram for any online events, live discussions or classes you can tune into today. It’s a great way to stay connected and informed about things you are interested in learning more about, and is also a great networking-from-home tool as well!

14. Spend Time with Family

Our lives can be so busy that we may not always have time or be on the same schedule to sit altogether as a family and just hangout, talk and enjoy each other’s company. Cozy up in the living room and enjoy a cup of tea or hot chocolate with some good conversation. You could even do some of the activities we mentioned earlier like watching a movie or playing some board games. Whatever it is, take this opportunity of everyone being home to spend (at least part of it) together!

15. Plan Your Next Trip

Whether you’re a winter person or not, the snow and cold weather may just tempt you into either planning a trip to somewhere warmer, or to a place where you can take advantage of this season’s activities like sledding and snowboarding. Check out rates and also do your research in regards to how COVID may affect the activities you can or cannot do at any given location. And of course, always stay safe!

16. Get Your DIY On


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There’s nothing like a snow day to get you in the DIY mood. Whether it’s painting your kitchen cabinets, revamping your office space, or creating an accent wall in your living room like the one Yasemin K. created with her husband, here, start that project you have been putting off, even if you can’t necessarily finish it all in one day. It’ll be a fun, productive way to spend the day, and will give you something to look forward to working on so that you can see your vision finally come to life!

17. Exercise

Get a workout in at home if you can’t make it to the gym. You can either go on YouTube to follow along to some videos, like this one here, or use a fitness app like Nike+ to help you reach your fitness goals and track your progress.

18. Have a Dance Party

You can also get some good cardio in by putting on some fun jams to dance to, like Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas is You”–because is it really winter if this song isn’t playing everywhere you go? We might not celebrate the holiday, but y’all can agree this song is a jam you can’t help but sing along to. It will surely lift your spirits and will most definitely bring out the performer in you. Am I right, Nuha?

19. Indulge in Your Favorite Pastime 

Take today to do the things you enjoy the most, but never have enough time for like playing video games, scrapbooking, blogging, or creating content for YouTube/Instagram if that’s something you’re into!

20. Try Out TikTok


@omayazeinThis or That ? ##trend ##thisorthat ##fyp ##newtrend ##couplegoals ##comedy ##foryou ##growupwithme ##ourtype ##holidaysourway ##weekendvibes ##marriedlife ##vira♬ It’s Tricky – RUN DMC

“Tick-tock on the clock, but the party don’t stop, no”—does that song immediately play in anyone else’s head when you hear the words TikTok?! It definitely does in mine! In fact, it’s actually stuck in my head right now as I am writing this. But, in all seriousness (sort of), have you hopped on the TikTok bandwagon yet? It could be a lot of fun to see what challenges are trending and to create some of your own videos—maybe even to that song, haha!

21. Do Nothing

Yup, you read that right. You may just want to disregard everything all together on this list and just do nothing. Lay in bed, catch up on some ZZZ’s, and just relax! And you know what, that is totally fine. Don’t feel like you always have to be doing something and like it’s a bad thing if you don’t. This could actually be the thing you need most right now and the best use of your time off.

How do you spend those cold, wintery days in? Which activities on this list are you looking forward to doing on the next snow day? Let us know in the comments below!

Ayah Shaheen
Ayah Shaheen

Founder and editor of AM Women Magazine, Ayah Shaheen always had a passion for writing and reading magazines. She graduated with a BA in Journalism and a minor in graphic design, and it was during her time in college that her journey with AM Women began. Having had such a difficult time navigating through life as a Palestinian American Muslim, she saw the need for a resource that would provide guidance for women like her. Although she always imagined herself working for a popular editorial publication, the lack of representation and her inability to connect with the branding and content of existing magazines motivated her to create her own. By creating this online platform, Ayah is living out her dream of helping American Muslim women live their best lives one article and story at a time. When she is not busy plugging away on her laptop, you can find her either spending time with family and friends or rummaging through racks at her favorite clothing stores. She’s a lover of all things fashion, beauty, Oreo, crab rangoon, and she has a Gilmore Girls kind of obsession with coffee.

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