Dan & Richard find a quiet place and put on their thinking caps… which stories to choose?

So, with twenty days to go, we have produced a longlist from all of the stories submitted to us so far. We love a submission window, so much potential and so much surprise, you never know what you are going to be sent. And we have received some gems this time.

But, as I said, there is still 20 whole days to get that submission to us and force your way into our newly expanded 100 page production. The shortlist, the selected pieces, will be announced just after the submission window closes on 30th April. Tick tock…

We must thank every writer out there who has sent us something to consider for publication. There have been some really strong contenders for this issue and it is always difficult to select from so many. We’ve managed it in the past when we have only been a 48 page mag but, along with some aesthetic changes, we’ve decided to double the size of the magazine. This doesn’t mean, and I have seen this happen in established magazines, that we will be diluting the quality, it means that we’ll be able to publish more pieces of writing, as well as longer pieces that we get sent from time to time.

I get asked why we select the stories that we do and there are number of reasons:

  • The piece of work has to fit the theme in some way, and that can be directly or more obliquely, as long as we think that the story hits the brief in some way. However the theme is interpreted is up the writer.
  • The submission has to fit with the others to make a strong collection. We do get some stories that are excellent, but just don’t fit with the others for whatever reason, usually tone, content or style. We retain these pieces for future editions and some of these pieces have influenced the theme we have selected, just so we can share them with you.
  • During the editing & production process, which starts the minute the window opens, we read and re-read these pieces numerous times so the ones we select have to stand up to repeated readings and the enjoyment of these shouldn’t wane. I still enjoy reading the stories from AMW.1 & 2 and I think that that shows we have selected well. We don’t fill the pages with B-Sides, we select each one and each piece should relate to the next in some way. If you take a close look at AMW.2, each one relates the previous story… it helps us plan the reading order also.
  • Mainly, and this is the most important, we can only publish what is submitted. It’s a fairly obvious one, but one that we really can’t emphasise enough, especially to those writers that contact me and say: ‘Liked the issue, but I can write better than so & so…’. I always reply: ‘That’s great, did you submit anything for this issue…?’. No, you didn’t so don’t complain. We don’t, we are grateful for the submissions we receive, without them we wouldn’t be able to produce he beautiful magazine we do. Thankyou.

So, the LONGLIST at the (almost) halfway point… We will be contacting all the writers on the list directly in the next day or so.

In no particular order, other than alphabetically obviously…

  • Adam Foster / The Pit
  • Andriana Minou / Timeo Musas
  • Chip Tolson / The Pen
  • Daniel Ross / Life in Rough Seas
  • Gemma Meek / The Other World
  • James Hatton / The Portrait
  • Jennie Owen / Dead Men’s Suits & Paperbacks
  • Jim Bates / 4 flash pieces
  • KB Willson / The Anthony Effect
  • Lois Bassen / Mrs Dalloway
  • Mickey J Corrigan / Careless
  • Paul Smith / Do Loop
  • Robin Wrigley / Journey Into Space
  • Tadgh Muller / Ernest & His Inquisitor
  • Victoria Zammit / Written

We’ll be contacting each author directly with feedback and notes on their stories to get them ready for publication. We’ll also start the search for the images to accompany each piece. Good times. Many thanks to each writer who took the time to submit a piece to us, it is much appreciated. There is still time to submit and make it onto the shortlist and onto our pages.

Blue Hat / Jen / Orange Hat

One Reply to “AMW.3: The LONGLIST”

  1. Thank you for for the update and for the information on your submission selection process. It was very interesting and I will definitely keep it in mind in the future.I have to say, the entire post started off really well with the photo of you and Richard. I actually laughed out loud. Well done!


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