Beach season sends a chill down the spines of even the most confident women. It’s nearly impossible to find modest swimwear in stores. If we do, it’s drab in color, poorly-fitted, and buying it runs the risk of accidentally twinning with grandma.

But don’t worry, we’ve got your back! Keep reading for our top recommendations on where to find modest yet fashionable swimsuits and burkinis that will boost your confidence so that you can have the Hot Modest Girl Summer of your dreams! 


Created in 2006, Veilkini was one of the first swimwear brands to appear on the market offering swimsuits that fulfill the needs of modest women. With its high-quality fabrics and materials, it is the ultimate comfy choice for a modest burkini. If you’re sick of worrying about your swimsuit and always feel like you’re moments away from being exposed, search no further! This swimwear is made using four-way stretch technology, so you can feel free to move around and be unrestricted by extra material. Since Veilkini has more of a sporty vibe, it’s perfect for the active girl!

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LyraSwim is revolutionizing modest swimwear and it all started with a single woman’s struggle to find a full-coverage bathing suit that fit into her fashion-forward, yet active lifestyle. Lyra’s founder, Ikram, created the swimsuit every Muslimah is searching for! Now you don’t have to choose between your sporty and fashion sides because every swimsuit is made for any and all situations! Made from lightweight and fast-drying fabric, the LyraSwim collection is versatile and sells as a set or in separate pieces to accommodate the needs of any woman. With their fashionable swimsuits, you no longer have to sacrifice beauty for modesty!

If you’re new to LyraSwim, use the code WELCOME5 to receive a discount!

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Lanuuk Swimwear

Lanuuk Swimwear was formed by two women with a shared desire to redefine the current idea of “traditional” swimwear. The founders are dedicated to empowering female confidence and strongly believe in helping women feel beautiful in any situation. Created for a variety of style preferences and body types, these modest swimsuits do all of the work for you with a design that flatters and shapes the female silhouette–the perfect thing to make you feel confident and secure on a beach day!

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Shelline Swimwear

Shelline began when the creator, Sabina, changed her lifestyle to embrace modesty and religion. Unimpressed with the Muslim swimsuits available on the market, and with ten years of experience in the fashion industry, she strove to create a modest swimwear collection that mirrored her own personal style. These swimsuits merge fashion and art with entirely unique prints that are made using lightweight, mesh fabric with UPF protection as well as environment-friendly inks. Sabina understands the struggles that come along with modest swimwear and aims to help Muslimahs feel glamorous in every garment!

You can read more about Shelline’s philosophy here!
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Zahraa the Label

Zahraa the Label has a level of sophistication to their clothing that would make any woman feel elegant! The brand’s goal is to create garments that embody the modern trends of high fashion with a modest twist, and are designed specifically for Muslim women. Their three-piece swim sets include a swim dress, high-waisted bottoms, and a face-slimming hijab. There’s also a variety of styles and colors to satisfy whatever mood you’re feeling!

AM Women’s Favorite Finds


Azya Swim

Azya Swim is creating swimwear in a sustainable and ethical way. From the quality of their fabrics to the fashionable designs, each piece is handmade in Australia with a mission to make every woman proud of her culture. These chic swimsuits are made from a stretch swim fabric and have an effortless way about them. Strictly produced using ethically-conscious practices and sustainable fabrics, you can buy their products with an easy conscience!  

Azya also offers free shipping on orders over $150.

Be sure to also check out their awesome swim leggings!

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Burkini Remsa

The Burkini Remsa brand was founded in Turkey but quickly became known and sold around the world for its attention to variety. Whether you prefer tulip patterns or blue phoenix feathers, these modest burkinis will let you express your unique personality!

Click the “Muslim” tab to find full-coverage swimwear in a ton of fun prints!  

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East Essence

East Essence creates clothing that meets the Muslimah’s commitment to modesty and their need for fashion as well. Part of their mission is to produce clothing that fits your values and represents you and your style as an individual. They also have community outreach programs that provide scholarships and support to women in need.  

Their swimsuit collection includes sleek, sporty, and high-fashion burkinis that come in many colors and patterns. Whatever vibe you are going for, East Essence has the swimwear for you!

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Madamme BK

The Maddame BK brand originated in France and is known for its haute couture modest styles. Dedicated to body positivity, their swimwear is designed with shaping techniques that naturally compliment the female body while preserving modesty. Each garment is hand-finished with the highest quality materials to ensure perfection in every sale. These elegant swimsuits look great in the water and on the beach!

AM Women’s Favorite Finds



In 2017, Swijabi became Egypt’s first online shopping center for modest swimwear and has been growing ever since! Above all else, they value their customer’s trust and the quality of their designs. These swimsuits are made with lycra fabric and combine comfort and style for the ultimate confidence boost. Stay on top of the latest modest fashion trends with the Swijabi brand as they continue to impress!

AM Women’s Favorite Finds


Calypsa by Modli

Calypsa is a brand that believes in making clothes that fit the body, rather than the body being forced to fit the clothes. Their mission is to free women of the anxieties associated with swimwear. This results in truly modest clothing that falls in line with your beliefs and principles as a modest woman, whether Muslim or not.

Calypsa has many different types of swimsuits and allows you to mix and match to build the perfect swimsuit for your body and needs! Every swim top and bottom comes in a variety of patterns and colors so you can personalize your style. They also offer plus sizes and modest activewear. Take the “Swim Quiz” to help you get started and find your perfect combination!  

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Modanisa is a diverse online store that’s stacked with modest clothing options, so it’s no surprise that they also offer a ton of cute, full-coverage swimsuits and burkinis. First founded in Istanbul, they are the co-creators of Modest Fashion Week! The company strives to create modest clothing that also fits modern life and style. They also support small producers and designers as well. 

Their bathing suits range in style and price to fit the needs of any customer, with separate tops and bottoms if you like to mix and match, as well as one-piece burkinis that come with a hijab.  

In addition, every purchase at Modanisa helps bring clean drinking water to diverse communities in Africa!

Modanisa also offers student discounts, 30% off the first purchase made by new customers, and 15% off for returning shoppers. Shop now to make a difference while finding a swimsuit you love at an affordable price!

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Nike Victory

As the modest market continues to grow and expand, brands like Nike are now also offering modest options to appeal to the Muslim consumer base, beginning with activewear and now swimwear as well.

Nike Victory is Nike’s modest swim collection. This swimsuit is sleek and made specifically for free motion so that you can comfortably participate in water sports.  

Nike swimwear will protect your modesty and allow you the freedom to move and perform as your best self. It features a built-in bra for extra support, high-waist bottoms, and a cap with a pouch to cover your hair if needed. Nike also offers this swimsuit with slim swim pants, as well as a “Colorblock” edition which comes in an assortment of vibrant colors and patterns.  

Be sure to also check out this worry-free swim hijab that comes in six different colors!

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Amazon is another great resource where you can find affordable, modest bathing suits and burkinis. For those looking to keep it simple, you’ll find three-piece sets with swim leggings and a swim hijab to match. It’s a quick and easy shopping experience if you’re the kind of woman who’s in and out of the department store in ten minutes or in need of a swimsuit to arrive ASAP through your Amazon Prime account. With Amazon Prime, you not only have guaranteed fast delivery, but also free returns on most items as well. Stress-free and good quality, need I say more?!

AM Women’s Favorite Finds


If getting a new modest swimsuit was your most dreaded task of the summer, we hope this will make it easier and more enjoyable for you, and that will you will have found a few new favorites from our list! Not only can you now find modest swimwear without compromising your own personal style, but you can finally swim comfortably and look good while doing it! Whether you have a sporty, minimalist, or bold aesthetic, stay true to yourself and swim in style with these trendy and modest swimsuit brands!


What are your favorite modest swimwear brands? Let us know in the comments below!

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