AM Women is here to tell your story…


… but that’s not all we’re here to do. We are the go-to guide that helps Muslim women navigate through their everyday lives. AM Women covers a variety of topics relevant to the diverse yet shared experiences of Muslim women. Whether it’s boy troubles, the new Huda Beauty palette, gender equality–you name it–this is the place you’ll find your most desired topics, pressing concerns, and relevant experiences explored and discussed.

AM Women is revolutionizing the mainstream perceptions of Muslim women by challenging the status quo.

We are strengthening the presence of Muslim women both on and offline by bridging the gap between ourselves, the Muslim community, and the world.

This is a safe space for Muslim women to come together to express, explore, and discover who they are with support rather than judgment. Our shared stories and multilayered discussions will foster a more well-rounded understanding that will help minimize the judgment that comes not only from American society, but from the Muslim community as well.

We encourage all Muslim women, veiled or not, to participate in this ongoing dialogue through your writing, art, music, fashion, or any other form of expression you take comfort in. No woman should ever have to feel alone, not good enough, or incapable of achieving her goals just because of her beliefs and what she does or does not choose to wear around her head.

And that is what we are going to help change by offering a variety of perspectives from a diverse range of voices that will speak to and inspire Muslim women to make the most out of who they are and take on the world with pride and confidence, knowing that they are never alone.

We are the many faces of AM Women: fashionistas, lovers, tomboys, nerds, beauty gurus, sports junkies, feminists, activisits– the whole shebang. And we all have something to say and unique experiences to share.

We want to hear from you: Your stories. Your questions. Your answers. At AM Women we want to make sure that no question goes unanswered and that no story is left untold.

We’re here for you, ladies. AM Women‘s got your backs (and your secrets).

Don’t worry–they’ll be safe with us!

AM Women Magazine inspires women to wake up each morning with the confidence to challenge and overcome not only their own doubts and fears, but the world’s. It offers a forum for shared experience and community that guides American Muslim women towards self-discovery. It empowers women to embrace their true potential and present themselves to the world with pride, fearlessness and a rejuvenated sense of identity.